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TO THOSE WHO STILL WANT TO AVOID COVID: We’re in a one-way masking world now. Therefore, it’s time to upgrade your respirators. Cloth and surgical masks (and even some KN95s and N95) simply won’t suffice. Here’s a 🧵 on some of the best masks you can get:
The 3M Aura 9205+ is my personal favorite. It’s comfortable, breathable, and boasts a filtration efficiency of over 99% according to some tests. I wear one for almost 12 hours at a time with no issues. You can easily find them at your local Home Depot:
The VFlex is another favorite. It also boosts a 99% filtration efficiency, and its spacious design covers most of the face pretty nicely. It’s also immensely breathable, and I wear it whenever I’ll be doing any strenuous activities outdoors.
The Harley N95 is also a great option. They’ve protected me from catching COVID when I was exposed multiple times. Their design isn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing, but it definitely gets the job done.
Now, before I go on about KN95s, I should point out that some experts are concerned that ear loops don’t afford maximum protection if you’re the only one masking. So, I’ve invested in a Fix the Mask piece that tightens the seal around KN95s and surgicals:
There is a free way of tightening the seal with only 2 rubber bands-I just don’t trust myself enough to get it right, however.
In terms of KN95s, Powecom is a reliable, trustworthy brand that always scores highly on filtration efficiency. With the Fix the Mask piece, they scored around 99% on one independent test. They also have a model with headbands rather than ear loops.
An honorable mention is WWDoll, which I had been using for a while (and thankfully protected me hitherto). I only recently stopped due to counterfeit masks, as Amazon is their only retailer in the U.S. Given the times we’re in, it’s not a chance I’m comfortable taking anymore.
I should note that these are only brands that I’ve personally tried and can vouch for. Other names that consistently score well include Demetech, BNX, Wellbefore, Dr. Puri, and Wellbefore. Now here’s how you can make your own informed decision on which mask(s) to buy:
@masknerd has an awesome spreadsheet detailing the results of the many tests he’s done on his YouTube channel, which are sortable by metrics such as filtration efficiency and pressure drop (AKA breathability). I always consult it when I make a purchase:
Similarly, @larmbrust has a collection of the results from tests that he’s conducted on his YouTube channel. The results are given a simply “pass” or “fail” grade depending on their filtration, breathability, and adherence to regulations.
@accumedofficial also has a YouTube channel where they review different masks from different manufacturers. While it is affiliated with BNX, they’re incredibly transparent about their links. Their methodology is, from what I can tell, sound as well:
Personally, when searching for a new mask, I like to narrow my options down by perusing the products listed on Project N95 and see how they fare on the tests run by the names I listed above. As @MuseWendi has pointed out, however, some of their stock is a overpriced. So…
I recommend buying straight from the manufacturer website whenever possible. The only plus to buying from Project N95 is that you can be pretty certain that what you get will be authentic. If it’s the only place to find a mask that looks appealing to you, then get it there.
Just realized that I neglected to link to the Project N95 site (sorry). Again, use them as more of a list than a vendor, since their items are (typically) sold at more affordable prices elsewhere. But whatever you do, don’t get your masks from Amazon!
This is completely unrelated, but while you’re here, please help out this campaign with either a donation or an RT:
And boost and donate to this as well, please?
Thank you all for heeding the advice hidden behind this poorly-written threat addled by grammatical and syntactical errors lol 😬😬😬.
To all of the dumbasses whose limited intellect can’t grasp the necessity of this information:
Concerning ear loops:
UPDATE: The Harley L-188 is now 20% off at the @BonaFideMasks website! Use the code “L188” at checkout for a discount.
UPDATE: *ALL* items on the @BonaFideMasks are 15% off with the code “BALLCHAIN.” Stock up antigen tests, N95s, KN95s, and children’s masks now. Thanks a lot to the amazing team at Bona Fide!

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